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We are a Dynamic Social Impact Consultancy: defining SOCIAL PURPOSE, measuring SOCIAL VALUES, improving SOCIAL IMPACT.


ZedTalk: How charities can pitch to large corporates and speak their social impact language too

All you need to know about pitching to corporates in a 60 minute live and bespoke ZedTalk

During this ZedTalk, we’ll tell you how charities can better attract and pitch for corporate funds, and also report on their social impacts in a more dynamic way.
In the new domain of “Social Impact Marketing” finding the right partnerships that benefits the company’s social impact objectives, alongside the charities charitable objectives is absolutely key. We work with corporates and charities alike to help broker these deals, and we’ll tell you about some the successful Social Impact Marketing campaigns that we have run.
We have worked with over 25 charities, across fundraising, campaign strategy,
marketing, partnerships and even retail strategy.
We’ll also explain the importance of reporting back to the corporate in a way they will find useful and engaging for their stakeholders, by creating dynamic social impact reports.
A few years ago The Stroke Association came to me and my co-founder Chris Arnold and asked us to help them pitch to Bae Systems for the charity of the year partnership. By integrating NLP principles into the pitch, and making sure it appealed to the audience’s auditory, visual and kinaesthetic senses, we helped them to win the pitch and partnership worth over £1.5 million. Bae said it was “One of the most engaging and persuasive pitches” they had ever seen.
The challenge was that they often lost out to charities that had bigger brand names, and greater recognition combined with stronger and often more emotive propositions – essentially they kept getting short listed, but losing to cancer and kid’s charities. We changed that.
During the ZedTalk, we’ll talk more about NLP and how you can develop other insights to ensure you are more effective at pitching to corporates, and getting your core message across in a way they can relate to, and find useful for their needs too.
We will explore any particular challenges you presently have in terms of pitching to corporates, and start to generate some ideas on what we could do to improve this.
Beyond the talk, we also offer a unique and specialist service in helping charities pitch to corporates.
Please email Marcus Warry to find out more: marcus@mysocialimpact.org

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