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We are a Dynamic Social Impact Consultancy: defining SOCIAL PURPOSE, measuring SOCIAL VALUES, improving SOCIAL IMPACT.

Masterclasses & ZedTalks

“We found Chris’ talk very insightful and timely in bringing outside-in insights on the world of corporate responsibility and sustainability. It was an ‘absolute smasher of a session!’ It challenged our internal view, which is focused on getting our own house in order, presenting the need to better engage the community with solutions that will demonstrate our commitment and build trust.”

[Head of CRM, O2]

Masterclasses are delivered in person and ZedTalks over Zoom

Both Masterclasses and ZedTalks are live and bespoke for you individual needs. They are informative, interactive and fun too, so you can incorporate them into staff training, a brainstorming session or maybe even an away day.

The talks are designed for up to 20 staff, with plenty of time for questions and interaction too, so that each talk delivered will be unique to your needs, and start to generate specific ideas that relate to your business or charity.

We can tailor the topic to anything around Social Purpose, Social Value or Social Impact – below are some examples of Masterclasses & ZedTalks we are doing at the moment:

Current masterclasses

If we don’t make you think differently about you Social Impact, then we’ll give a very large box of sweets. 

Email us to find our more:

Brands & Corporates: chris@mysocialimpact.org

Charities and Social Enterprises: marcus@mysocialimpact.org


Masterclasses: 60 minutes for £2,000 (£100 per attendee) – with discounts offered for charities and non-profits.

ZedTalks: 60 minutes for around £500 (£25 per attendee) – with discounts offered for charities and non-profits


“Chris’ talk on purpose and how to engage communities was an eye opener and inspired the teams across a number of our different countries”

[Global CMO, Associated British Foods]