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We are a Dynamic Social Impact Consultancy: defining SOCIAL PURPOSE, measuring SOCIAL VALUES, improving SOCIAL IMPACT.


Masterclass: All you need to know about SOCIAL IMPACT in 60 minutes

Supercharging the S in your ESGs.
All you need to know about SOCIAL IMPACT in 60 minutes (in one live Masterclass).

From defining your Social Purpose to developing a cohesive Social Impact strategy, from engagement campaigns to measuring Social Impact. How it wins the hearts and minds of customers, employees and shareholders, while delivering to the bottom line.This fast-track informative, entertaining and mind opening live masterclass is ideal for any level, from trainees to middle-management to C-suite. In fact, it’s essential training in today’s business climate. 

From ESGs to SDGs, learn the difference between social value and social impact. How to create a cohesive strategy to unite different departments. Explore the different methods of measuring and reporting. Be inspired by examples of brilliant and innovative social impact campaigns. Discover how to engage both customers and employees, win new customers and
improve loyalty and enhance your brand equity and reputation. (And how to avoid purposewash and greenwash.)

Learn more about Dynamic Social Impact Reporting and Human Economics –
thinking beyond the tick box.

Email: chris@mysocialimpact.org


“We found Chris’ talk very insightful and timely in bringing outside-in insights on the world of corporate responsibility and sustainability. It was an ‘absolute smasher of a session!’ It challenged our internal view, which is focused on getting our own house in order, presenting the need to better engage the community with solutions that will demonstrate our commitment and build trust.”

[Head of CRM, O2]

“Chris’ talk on purpose and how to engage communities was an eye opener and
inspired the teams across a number of our different countries.”

[Global CMO, Associated British Foods]

“A truly inspiring talk, informative and entertaining. Thought provoking and
accessible – no jargon or hogwash! He taught our global team a lot but also how to change their lens.”

[Head of Global Comms, Didi Chuxing Technology Company]

Chris Arnold is a Dr of Business, author of Ethical Marketing & The New Consumer and was Brand Republic’s Ethical Marketing blogger for 10 years. An expert in ethical marketing and social impact, he has worked with top brands on social impact campaigns, including Diageo, Sainsbury’s, Heineken, Brewers, Hackney Council, London Community Arts and over 25 charities.

He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (ICRS), NetworkOne Sustainability Think Tank, Marketing Kind Group and an Investors in Community Ambassador.

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