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We are a Dynamic Social Impact Consultancy: defining SOCIAL PURPOSE, measuring SOCIAL VALUES, improving SOCIAL IMPACT.


“Socrates is long long dead, but his questioning spirit lives on! Can we grill you on your Social Impact?”

Put to death by poisoned hemlock, the chap whose questioning spirit sadly led to his untimely demise continues to inspire us at My Social Impact, and fortunately in the modern world, (well in the U.K. at least) we can’t be put to death for asking you difficult questions… and we’d like to ask you some one day if that’s ok?

My Social Impact is a specialist Consultancy that helps organisations to define their social purpose, measure their social values and make positive social impacts. We’re experts in the oftentimes overlooked “S” in ESG.. 

How well do you know your “S”? 

Before you face us in the flesh, where we’ll attempt a modern day version of the Socratic Method / Spanish Inquisition on you (just kidding) – you could enjoy the relative comfort of completing our world famous Social Impact Quiz and see how you fare on that?

The link to the full Social Impact Quiz is at the end of the blog, but first, let me tell you a bit about who we are. 

At My Social Impact, we’re passionate about Social Purpose. We firmly believe that businesses with an authentic and positive purpose are more likely to endure, create legacies beyond their founders, and increase their company valuations. And on a day to day basis, It’s not just about feeling warm and fuzzy, (although that’s a lovely side effect too!), it’s about attracting and retaining staff, gaining a competitive advantage, developing loyal customers, enhancing brand value, driving business growth, and appealing to investors.

If Deloitte & Saatchi had a child, that’s us  – with a dash of hippy

It’s not merely about you organisation or brand avoiding harm anymore (though that’s still vital of course!); it’s about having an authentic desire to do good. Also doing good doesn’t need to come at the expense of profits; it strengthens and improves your business in so many ways. At My Social Impact, we believe a business should be as concerned about growing its Social Return on Investment (SROI) as it is about making healthy profits – we place equal importance on both.

Authenticity is at the core of our mission. We have zero-tolerance for social washing, green washing and inauthentic claims. Our clients understand that we don’t just make them look good on paper; we help them embody their social purpose in every facet of their business. In today’s world, customers and stakeholders are more discerning than ever. They can spot insincerity a mile away and demand more than superficial commitments. They crave organisations that walk the talk, demonstrating their commitment to positive social impact through actions, not just words. At My Social Impact, we help our clients to navigate this in a way that builds value in the business and the brand.

Returning to Socrates again, the establishment didn’t like him because he made those in power uncomfortable by asking difficult questions. We want to ask you difficult questions, and hopefully challenge you and your organisation to really think about your true and authentic social purpose and values. 

The ‘S’ in ESG, the Social factor, is not just a checkbox on a corporate checklist; it should be you organisation’s heartbeat, guiding you through the ever-evolving business landscape. At My Social Impact, we’re here to guide you, challenge you, and help your organisation thrive amidst change. 

Let’s ensure Socrates’ spirit lives on, not just in the pursuit of knowledge but in the pursuit of a better, more socially responsible world.

How well do you know your “S”? Find out now by doing out quiz:


Only takes 10 minutes tops, and then after a further 10 minute chat with us, we’ll know immediately if we’re able to assist you on your social impact journey, and if we don’t click – we’ll send you some sweets, and say sorry (Organic and fairtrade of course!!). 

Written predominantly by Marcus Warry 

(not a robot, but AI assisted in a couple of places!!)

Co-founder @ My Social Impact


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